Chrys watches GoT [x]

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i need to wash my hair, but are about bitchtp members around for a little neatchat?

ahhhhh can it wait an hour? i won’t be home until then ):

sure, i shall start it in 20 mins or so : )

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can we have a neatchat tomorrow, between the times of 7/10 pm GMT…so i can be online and you know, shower you all with my love?

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nikitameme - [2/8] characters ⇢ Nikita Mears

"Hi, this is Nikita. I’m out saving the world right now, so please leave a message after the beep."

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I squeeze my eyes shut and try to reach for him across the hundreds and hundreds of miles, to send my thoughts into his mind, to let him know he is not alone. But he is. And I can’t help him.
Mockingjay, chapter 1 (via everlarkquotes)

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